It’s true. Wine really does make everything better. A dinner party, a gathering of friends, or an evening alone – there’s no scenario in which a good bottle of wine doesn’t enhance the experience. But we’ve all been in the same situation. We’re in the liquor store or supermarket, confronted with endless bottles of wine. How are you supposed to pick the right one? How can you be sure that it pairs nicely and stands well on its own?

While preparing for a party, I found myself in that exact situation. It occurred to me that if I offered a great tasting wine with an eye-catching label and memorable name, I just might have something. Supported by my friend Juan Pablo Selle, a native of Chile, and I learned all I could and found the perfect location for a vineyard. I also learned that a good wine is enjoyed, but a great wine tells a story.

After many years of crafting and experimentation, Sassy Bitch was born. Combining a sexy harmony of old-world elegance and new-world taste, we believe we’ve revolutionized the industry. It’s wine with an attitude – one that’s equally at home at a girl’s night out, a small dinner party, or a romantic night in.

I’m Tami Fricks, founder of Sassy Bitch Wine, and I invite you to discover your sassy side with a bottle of your favorite now.

Sassy Bitch Rose

Our Sassy Bitch Rose presents with hints of berries and cream into a subtle, but crisp freshness of strawberry with mild acidity into a long, refreshing finish. Serve well-chilled.

Sassy Bitch Cabernet Sauvignon

Sassy Bitch Cabernet Sauvignon has a deep, dark, red color with blush hues. Very fruity, it expresses highlights of red and black berries, vanilla, and marmalade aromas. Full bodied, with rounded and velvety tannins, she finishes long and smooth with perfect acidity. This wine pairs great with stews, beef broths and soup. Excellent with chocolate desert

Sassy Bitch Carmenere

The newest bitch. Sassy Bitch Carmenere has a deep, ruby red color. Her aromas are of red fruit, vanilla and black pepper. On the palate, she presents intense body with a balanced and natural acidity. She finishes with a long, velvety taste. This wine pairs wonderfully with spicy dishes like peppered steak. Enjoy with any Thai or curry dish. This sweeties is at home with the spices.

Sassy Bitch Chardonnay

Sassy Bitch Chardonnay presents a clean and bright color, with pale golden tones. Aromas of tropical fruit, especially pineapples and melon, characterize this special wine. In the palate presents a fresh and crisp acidity, with a balanced, soft finish. This wine pairs excellently with an appetizer and a companion of chicken, pork, mushrooms, fresh seafood and fish.

Sassy Bitch Merlot

Sassy Bitch Merlot shows a deep, dark, red color with carmine tones. Exhibiting aromas of red fruit, vanilla, black and white pepper, the palate presents full body, intense, velvety tannins with a  balanced natural acidity and long lasting after taste. This wine pairs great with spicy dishes and noodles. Try it with pork rib, roasted duck or goose. Also tastes fantastic with mature cheese.

Sassy Bitch Red Blend

An exquisite blend of cabernet sauvignon and a carmenere that will soon become your favorite. Presents with a bouquet of fresh, dark, berries, cocoa and a hint of spice into a warm near full-bodied, cab-like middle and a long, low-acidic finish. A perfect table wine or a casual wine for a red wine lover.

Ready to bring a little Sassy into your life? Contact us with your questions online today.