How We Got Sassy

Sassy Bitch Wine began as a simple idea. Founder, Tami Fricks, was preparing for a party and headed to the supermarket for a bottle or two of wine. She looked at the vast display and simply did not know which one to buy. Tami knew about pairings — that was the easy part. But, how do you find the right wine?

That evening at the party, Tami told everyone of her wine shopping experience. She thought, if I could come up with a catchy label with a great tasting wine, I might have something. Voila! She was right.

Tami’s brother-in-law, Greg Fricks, was importing fabrics and discussed importing wine with several of his friends, David Rush and Juan Pablo Selle. Selle was a Chilean native, so Chile was the obvious starting point. Tami went to Chile and found the perfect vineyard to produce the wine.

Next, Tami knew that the wine had to tell a story. It had to do something that no other wine had done — relate to the person — or at least someone they knew.

Sassy Bitch was born. Now, years later, there are a wide array of labels, but only Sassy Bitch combines the sexy harmony of old world elegance and new world taste. And remember, Sassy is not just a wine, it is an attitude. So whether you are having a fun night out with the girls, a small gathering at the house, or just need a night to blow off some steam, Sassy Bitch is truly for you! Enjoy!